Petsafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device


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Is your dog barking outside, or the neighbor's?

This new PBC00-11216 anti-bark system from PetSafe looks like a birdhouse, but it is actually a high-performance ultrasonic device.

Place it on a wall or install it on a branch, and voila!

This system will train your dog or that of the neighbor not to bark anymore.

Effective and safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes, this device emits ultrasound that only dogs can hear.

This emission takes place when the system picks up the sound of a bark using its internal microphone.

Surprised by the sound, the dog will stop barking and, over time, will make the association between its bad behavior and this unpleasant noise.

The PetSafe outdoor ultrasonic anti-bark system includes 3 sensitivity levels and a test mode.

Level 1, detects barking up to 15 feet away.

Level 2, detects yapping up to 30 feet away.

Level 3, detects up to 50 feet.

  • Made for all sizes of dog, no collar required.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Detection up to 50 feet.
  • Uses a standard 9 volt battery. (battery life approximately 6 months)
  • Low battery indicator.
For outdoor use only. For indoor use, use PBC17-14777 anti-bark boxes .

    Included: 1 Ultrasonic anti-bark box and 1 user manual in French .

    3 year petsafe warranty satisfaction