Dog Cages, Enclosures and Beds

Midwest brand dog crates available in the following sizes: 18'', 24'', 30'', 36'', 42'', 48'', 54''. Use of the cage: for transport, to speed up potty training, to prevent the dog from destroying everything in the house when you are away, etc. Our dog cages are not expensive but of very good quality! Why buy a used cage, when you can get a new one at a better price?

k&h Pet bed, K&H from $64.99 CAD
Sherpa Carrier for cat or small dog from $79.99 CAD
Pooch pad Reusable diaper for dogs from $25.99 CAD
k&h Lectro-Kennel heating pad from $99.99 CAD
k&h Cooling Gel Pad for Dogs from $19.99 CAD
Trixie Biker-Set, U shape $104.99 CAD
Costal Dog tie-out cable - Giant $32.99 CAD
Van Ness Van Ness Sliding Carrier $59.99 CAD