Cat flap door for dogs and cats

Selection of doors for small, medium and large dogs. Its doors are top quality. Electronic doors, door with installation on a wall, door with insulation for extreme cold. Cat flap door for mosquito net. Is your dog or cat always asking for the door to go outside? You won't have to worry about it anymore, your pet will now be able to come in and out as they please. No need to be a great handyman, installation is easy.

PetSafe Dog Door, extreme weather conditions from $109.99 CAD
PetSafe PetSafe PPA19-16145 Microchip Cat Flap $159.99 CAD $179.99 CAD
PetSafe Dog door, PetSafe plastic from $42.99 CAD $49.99 CAD
PetSafe Glass patio door for animals from $329.99 CAD
PetSafe PetSafe Smart Door Electronic Pet Door from $169.95 CAD
PetSafe Petsafe Wall Entry Pet Door from $108.99 CAD $119.99 CAD