100% Natural Chew Box


Size: 12 pieces - Small dog

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Give your four-legged friend an exceptional chewing experience with Sherbrooke Canin chew boxes, perfect for entertaining, mentally stimulating and expending excess energy for your faithful canine friend.

💡 Why choose our chew boxes?

🐾 Entertainment Guaranteed : Perfect for keeping your dog occupied, our products provide a chewing experience that will keep them active and happy. A dog who can chew is a happy dog!

🧠 Mental Stimulation : 30 minutes of chewing is equivalent to an hour and a half of physical activities. Give your dog a rewarding way to stimulate his mind while caring for his physical well-being.

🦷 Oral Health : Promote optimal oral hygiene with our 100% natural chewing products. Regular chewing can help maintain the health of your pet's teeth and gums.

🌱 Canadian and Quebec Natural Products : Proud of our heritage, the vast majority of our products are Canadian and Quebec, guaranteeing exceptional quality for your companion.

💰 Exceptional Savings : Ultra economical compared to buying individually! Enjoy up to 40% savings by choosing our chew boxes. Give your dog the best without compromising your wallet.

🎁 Discovery of New Items : Each box is a great opportunity to discover new items carefully selected for the happiness of your dog. Thousands of satisfied customers are not mistaken!

📦 More than 20,000 boxes sold!

📏 Sizes Adapted to Your Dog :

  • Box of 12 pieces for small dogs (ideal for dogs and puppies 20 lbs and less)
  • Box of 12 pieces for medium/large dogs (ideal for dogs and puppies 20 lbs and over)
  • Deluxe Box of 12 pieces (more expensive and durable items such as Bully stick, yak cheese, buffalo cheek, giant ear, hoof, etc.)

🐾 Puppy Friendly : For puppies, simply choose the box based on the expected size of the dog. For example, for a German Shepherd puppy, opt for the medium/large dog box and indicate in the comments that it is intended for a puppy.

🌈 Assured Variety : We prepare the boxes with different products, and if you take more than one, we strive to vary the contents as much as possible for an always exciting experience.

Special Requests Welcome : If you have any special requests, simply indicate them in the comment box when ordering. We will do everything we can to satisfy them.

🚚 Fast Delivery : Order online for fast delivery straight to your door! Our Sherbrooke Canin chew boxes are also available in store for those who prefer to shop in person.

📸 Non-Contractual Photo Content : The content may vary and be different from the photo.

👀 Supervision Recommended : Be sure to supervise your dog during chewing for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Give your dog happiness in a box with Sherbrooke Canin - where canine satisfaction is our priority! 🐶✨