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Wireless Anti-Escape System, PetSafe Stay And Play, For Dogs 5 lbs and over


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  • Very effective in preventing your dog from leaving the field .
  • Wireless and easy to move.
  • The Receiver Collar charges in 2-3 hours and each charge lasts 3 weeks.
  • Adjustable coverage of 210 feet in diameter, 3/4 acres.
  • The LCD screen shows you the size of the limit zone
  • No wires to bury, ultra-fast installation.
  • Works in summer and winter.
  • For dogs 5 lbs and over (for small, medium and large dogs)

    Prevent your dog from running away, this system is its role!

    The PetSafe Stay and play effectively prevents your dog from running away.

    Wireless anti-escape electric dog collar.

    This wireless anti-escape system has a better range than the Petsafe PIF-300, the receiver and transmitter are smaller and rechargeable.

    Petsafe Stay and Play is a newer and improved system compared to its predecessor, which has been on the market for over 10 years.

    The system provides an adjustable circular area of ​​¾ acres so your dog can go anywhere in safety.

    The transmitter is less than half the size of the PIF-300 model .

    The collar is rechargeable and water-proof and designed for the dog's comfort.

    It has 5 correction levels and a sound mode only for education.

    With quick and easy installation, this PIF17-13478 wireless dog fence system is perfect for carrying when traveling with the dog.

    The Petsafe PIF17-13478 Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence is compatible with the original PIF-300 model and allows for increased wireless area coverage.

    It is possible to add a second dog using the system by purchasing an additional collar.

    The receiver collar included in the set works for dogs 5 pounds and above with a dimension of 6 to 30 inches.

    Lightweight, portable and cordless (no wires to bury)
    Create an adjustable circular area with a maximum perimeter of ¾ acres.

    Adjustable from 22 to 105 feet all around the transmitter (210 feet in diameter)

    Rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar
    Offers 5 levels of correction and a sound mode only

    Also works with the original PIF-300 model

    Additional necklace : petsafe additional collar

    Some things to keep in mind

    Training is the key to success for you and your pet. Let us help keep your pets safe and secure so that you and your pet can live happily together.

    To maximize your coverage, place your transmitter:

    • On the level you want to cover

    • Near a power outlet

    • At least 3 feet away from large metal objects

    Circular cover

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    Give your pet freedom in the yard by placing the base unit inside your home to contain a specific area.

    Additional base units

    Add transmitters to the base unit to create a larger wireless fence area for your dogs.

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    Train your pet in 2 weeks using our professional training guide.

    Can I place the transmitter outdoors?
    No, the transmitter should be placed in a dry place indoors.

    Why can't I use this fence with dogs under 6 months?
    The recommended age is based on your dog's cognitive development. A puppy must be at least 6 months old and able to respond consistently to basic commands such as "come" and "sit" before he is ready to begin training with any type of static correction collar.

    Can I use this wireless fence for my cat?
    Yes, this wireless fence can be used for dogs and cats if they weigh 5 pounds or more and the collar fits your cat comfortably.

    Can I use the receiver on another collar strap?
    Yes! You can attach the receiver to any 3/4 inch non-metallic collar strap. So if your dog's color is royal blue, you can make sure it's always in style.


    Product guaranteed for 3 years