Replacement synthetic turf for Pet Loo


Size: Little

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Synthetic Lawn Mat is a replacement product for the Pet Loo ™ Lawn. This special material is specifically designed for Pet Loo™ products. It has small holes to allow your pet's urine to drain properly into the waste compartment. The lawn should only be replaced when you see the need for it.

Essential Features

  • Pet Loo Replacement Synthetic Lawn Mat
  • Special material with holes to drain urine
  • Attracts dogs thanks to its texture similar to real grass
  • Easy to clean: rinse with lukewarm water and wipe daily, use spray once a week


More information

Cleaning Tips:

Daily: Pour warm water over the grass to rinse away any remaining urine.

2-3 times a week: spray Wee Care on Pet Loo and grass and let dry.

Once a week: spray Wee Care™ generously on the Pet Loo™ and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the grass and rinse the entire unit using a garden hose, shower or sink sprayer. Let dry completely.

Size Dimensions Animals
Large/Original 32'' x 32'' Medium/Large Dogs
Medium/Mini Wee 24'' x 24'' Medium-sized dogs
Little/Kitty Kat 20'' x 17'' Small dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets