Collarless Ultrasonic Training System, PetSafe PUPT-100-19


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This training system without a collar works using a small remote control, small and light which is easy to hold.

When you want your dog to stop barking, biting, chasing the cat or anything else, simply press the button on the controller to send an ultrasonic signal, which only the dog will hear.

Ultrasounds are safe and effective in correcting your dog.

This system also has a positive sound signal, which you can use when the dog does what you ask.

  • For any breed of dog.
  • No collar.
  • Range of 35 feet.
  • Positive and negative ultrasound signals that only your dog can hear.
  • Works for all animals within range of the device.
  • Works with 1 9-volt battery (not included).
  • Long battery life, approximately 1 year.
  • Low battery indicator.