Sportdog SD-425E, 450M training collar, 3 year warranty.


Option: SD-425E

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The 425E was replaced by the 425X

Many products claim to be submersible in water, but with this one you can't be wrong, since it can go up to 25 feet underwater! Even a labrador won't go so hollow :P

Its range is 450m, 1500 feet.

7 different programming modes and 7 intensities.

1 button for sound, 1 for vibration/sound and 1 for electrostatic.

The remote control is small and light, it is very easy to hold.

The controller does not have a screen, which is intended to make it even more robust.

Charges quickly, in just 2 hours.

It is possible to control 3 dogs on the same remote control (with the purchase of an additional collar .)

The receiver is compact and ergonomic.

Made for dogs 8 lbs and over (maximum collar size 28'')


  • A remote control
  • Receiver with collar
  • Tester
  • Long and short pinnae.
  • User manual in French
  • A NiMH rechargeable battery and charger.

Excellent 3 year warranty. Replacement free of charge in the event of a defect.


    24/72 hour delivery