Interior Barrier System, Petsafe ZND-1200


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The Petsafe ZND-1200 indoor repellent sends a radio signal in the shape of a sphere adjustable up to 12 feet in diameter. Your pet wears a receiver collar. When it approaches the area, it will be warned by an audible signal and if it continues to advance it will receive a progressive static correction. This product is designed to surprise your pet, not to punish it. He will have the chance to backtrack so as not to receive the correction. The Petsafe ZND-1200 set includes a receiver collar and a transmitter disc. Additional transmitter discs or receiver collars can be purchased separately if more than one area needs to be protected or if more than one animal needs to use the indoor repellent system.

  • Adjustable area that protects from 2 to 12 feet (0.5 to 3.5 meters) in diameters
  • The disc and the collar are battery operated
  • Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar
  • Gradual progression and warning sound
  • Works for pets weighing 5 lbs or more and adjusts for necks from 6'' to 28'' (15 to 70cm)
  • Easy installation with no dressing required


A ZND-1000 transmitter (works with 3 AA batteries (batteries not included)
A PetSafe RFA-377 Receiver Collar
2 3-volt batteries for the receiver collar
Instruction manual: French and English.

Warranty: 3 years.