PetSafe Outdoor Pawz Away System


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Is your dog digging through trash cans, jumping in the pool or digging in your yard? Install the PetSafe Outdoor Pawz Away anywhere you don't want your dog to go. When your companion enters the area covered by the transmitter, it sends a signal to your dog's receiver collar, which will then receive a slight shock warning him that he is prohibited from going there.

Easy to install and use, the Pawz Away Outdoor is safe, comfortable and effective for dogs at least 6 months old weighing 5 pounds minimum. The transmitter, which has the appearance of a rock and therefore blends in well with the landscape, can be used in both wireless and wired mode (but not both at the same time).

  • The transmitter is shaped and colored like a rock to blend into any landscape
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • The receiver collar is lightweight and adjustable (from 6 to 28 inches)
  • Wireless mode covers a diameter of 16 feet
  • The transmitter is powered using 4 D batteries (not included)


  • PetSafe Pawz Away Water-Resistant Outdoor Transmitter
  • Water-resistant receiver and adjustable collar
  • 2 3 volt lithium batteries for the receiver collar
  • Pilot light
  • Training manual and instructions for use

WARRANTY: 3 years.