Anti-bark boxes for indoor use, Petsafe PBC17-14777


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  • The best indoor anti-bark box.
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs.

With its boxes, your dog no longer needs to wear a collar!

    2 Indoor anti-bark boxes from the Petsafe brand

    Simply place the boxes in two places in the house, if one of the boxes detects barking it will emit ultrasound which disturbs the dog, thus discouraging it from continuing to bark.

    • Uses ultrasound to discourage barking
    • Activates automatically or manually
    • Places on, a wall, a table.
    • Very small boxes, takes up very little space.
    • No receiver collar required
    • Range of 8m, 30 feet.


    product guaranteed for 3 years


    24/72 hour delivery

    (Note: this video is the old version, now improved, more efficient and has 2 boxes. Also note that ultrasound is not effective on all dogs, effectiveness is not guaranteed)