LP-4100-1 Protects Escape Fences Against Electrical Surges


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Wired anti-escape systems are not protected from overvoltages.

Your metal cable is underground, and during a storm, if a lightning strike hits the ground, the electricity can travel a huge distance, if it comes into contact with your anti-flight wire, the current overload can blow out your transmitter .

This kind of overload happens more often than you think, over the years we have had a lot of customers who have had this problem.

We already have transmitters melted or shattered into 1000 pieces.

This device is inexpensive and will save you several dollars in the event of a power surge.

Very simple to install, you plug it into a standard 110v outlet and connect your anti-escape cable to the PetSafe LP-4001-1 outlet.

  • Protects against electrical surges for underground fence transmitters.
  • Protects against electrical storms.
  • Very simple connection.