SportDOG SDF-100A Anti-Escape Fence, 100 Acres


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This product is discontinued, it has been replaced by the SportDog 100C

  • 1000 feet of cable.
  • DryTek, Submersible Collar.
  • Sound, vibration, electrostatic.
  • 4 levels of shock.
  • For dogs weighing 20 lbs and over.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Designed to prevent running away all year round and for those looking for the best quality!

    This high-end electric fence has an audible, vibration and electrostatic warning.

    In addition to being easy to install, this system saves you from having to run all over the neighborhood looking for your lost dog, and also prevents your dog from being hit by a car.

    It's the only invisible dog fence with the capacity to cover up to 100 acres.
    The system includes 1000 feet of 20 gauge wire, double that of most fences on the market.
    Very robust collar, waterproof and one of the most resistant of all brands.
    Audible and vibration warning, if the dog continues towards the prohibited area it receives an electrostatic, which is adjustable according to the weight of your dog.
    4 intensity levels.

    The collar is powered with a standard 9 volt battery, this battery is available everywhere at a low price.

    100 metal flags, included in the kit. (serves as a visual cue, for the first 2 weeks)

    Effective for dogs 20 lbs and over
    If you have a large area to cover, this invisible fence will be perfect for you.
    This anti-escape system is also compatible with the PetSafe anti-escape collar for small dogs .
    Additional compatible collar: Petsafe anti-runaway small dog
    Additional cable: cable for anti-escape fence

    Did you know that it is not necessary to bury the cable in the ground?

    You can leave it on the ground, install it in an undergrowth, or a cedar hedge, or attach it to a wooden fence.

    To be as space-saving as possible, burying it is an excellent solution, 1 to 3 inches is enough.

    • SportDOG anti-escape collar.
    • Receiver.
    • Transmitter.
    • 100 flags.
    • 1000 feet of 20 gauge wire.
    • English user manual ( available in French online )
    • 2 year warranty .
    24/72 hour delivery
    Because you love your dog, let him go free in complete safety.